• Meet me tonight 2017
    • Stand – Il sole in una scatola: scopriamo la fisica dei plasmi [video]
    • Champions League: una campione della ricerca ogni 4 minuti – Matteo Passoni briefly presented the ENSURE and INTER projects [pdf]
    • Parla con me – Alessandro Maffini joined a round-table to talk about his career as a young researcher


  • NanoLab Talk 27/11/2018, Politecnico di Milanao – Luca Fedeli – Superintense laser interaction with nanostructured targets
  • NanoLab Talk 02/10/2018, Politecnico di Milano – Andrea Pazzaglia – Measuring thin films mass thickness through energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy
  • NanoLab Talk 22/05/2018, Politecnico di Milano – Alessandro Maffini – On the growth dynamics of low-density carbon foams in Pulsed Laser Deposition experiments [pdf]
  • NanoLab Talk 23/04/2018, Politecnico di Milano – Arianna Formenti – Theoretical investigations of laser-driven ion acceleration with nanostructured materials [pdf]
  • European Research Council 10th anniversary, ERC projects at Politecnico di Milano – Matteo Passoni, ENSURE & INTER ERC projects [pdf]
  • Seminari di Cultura Matematica, 2017-XVI ciclo @ Department of Mathematics, Politecnico di Milano, Italy – Matteo Passoni, Laser superintensi, materiali nanostrutturati, accelerazione di particelle: Il ruolo della matematica [pdf]


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