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ENSURE was a 5-year (2015-2020) multidisciplinary research project for the investigation of ion acceleration through the interaction between superintense laser pulses and nanostructured materials, funded by the European Research Council (Grant Agreement 647554) and hosted at the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Milano (Italy) under the supervision of the principal investigator prof. Matteo Passoni. Click on the button to find out more about the project!

This website is currently updated with the research in the wake of the ENSURE project, the related PoC project INTER and the recently approved PoC project PANTANI.

A multidisciplinary approach!

To achieve our goals, many experimental and theoretical challenges need to be faced within different fields of research in a multidisciplinary approach. Find out more about each of them.

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Mirani, F.; Maffini, A.; Casamichiela, F.; Pazzaglia, A.; Formenti, A.; D.Dellasega,; Russo, V.; Vavassori, D.; Bortot, D.; Huault, M.; Zeraouli, G.; V.Ospina,; Malko, S.; Apiñaniz, J. I.; Perez-Hernández, J. A.; Luis, D. De; G.Gatti,; Volpe, L.; Pola, A.; Passoni, M.

Integrated quantitative PIXE analysis and EDX spectroscopy using a laser-driven particle source Journal Article

In: Science Advances, vol. 7, no. 3, 2021.

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Pazzaglia, A.; Fedeli, L.; Formenti, A.; Maffini, A.; Passoni, M.

A theoretical model of laser-driven ion acceleration from near-critical double-layer targets Journal Article

In: Communications Physics , vol. 3, no. 133, 2020.

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Formenti, A.; Maffini, A.; Passoni, M.

Non-equilibrium effects in a relativistic plasma sheath model Journal Article

In: New Journal of Physics, vol. 22, no. 5, pp. 053020, 2020.

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